Humble Beginnings.

Like many great companies we too got started in a garage.

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Big Ambitions.

Since our founder Leo sold his 1st policy, we have always strived to be the Greatest.

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Track Record.

Ask our customers, and they will tell you about our legendary level of service.

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Bright Future.

Third generation and beyond. We are in this business for the long haul.

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Why else are we the Greatest?

Our Technology

Our 3rd Generation of leadership has made tech one of our top priorities.
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Customer Portal

Allowing our customers to be in touch with their policies when they want, and where they want.
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Live Customer Chat

Communication is important. Being user friendly is even more important.
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Ahead of Curve

While the rest of the insurance world plays catchup. We built our own software on the world's #1 platform.
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About Us

Our People

We love what we do, and it shows. We have the Greatest Agents Ever working here!
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We take our job very seriously. Insurance is what we were born to do.
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We like to have fun, and respect each other's individuality.
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Core Values

Our Core Values define us, and we strive everyday to measure up.
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What we are all about. Our Core Values

We have three core philosophies; customer, company, and social citizen.



Devil is in the Details. Our quality of work defines our customer experience, and is a direct reflection of who we are as individuals.



Attitude is Everything. It's the little things that make a big difference.



Be yourself, be honest, & be genuine. Never be afraid to show your true self and be real; in turn respect others' right to be individuals as well.

About Us


Be a part of something larger then yourself. Without a good team that embodies trust and respect, the best processes and tools in the world will not lead to success.


Social Citizen.

Business as a force for good. Using our resources, revenue, and time to create opportunities for those less fortunate. 1-1-1 Model


Customer Experience.

Creating the emotional bond. Creating a relationship based on mutual respect and trust resulting in open and honest discussion of our customer's needs.

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